Zen Writing Practice


Whatever your interest in writing, from blogging to journalling, short stories to memoires, a novel, poetry or plays…

…combining writing with the practice of Zen – Sitting, Standing and Walking Meditation – can help you more keenly experience the present moment, find a richer, more authentic voice, and break-through to a new level of creativity – one that is deeply connected to your physical body.

Students are welcome for a small group in the Crowthorne/Sandhurst/Yateley area. 

Personal tuition is also available. 

Please get in touch for more details.

Jayne is a published author and also has numerous articles in print and on the web. She has taught writing practice since the late 90’s and has also been a practitioner and teacher of Zen meditation for thirty years. Her e-book ‘Stillness in Motion – An Exploration of Tai Chi’ can be purchased here 

Image: Zen Christmas Blues by David Roberts