“It’s not exactly hard to find a speaker on just about any subject these days. It seems that anyone can set themselves up as an expert. But just occasionally you meet someone who’s the real deal; someone who is the best at what they do and who commands respect for their expertise, credibility and professionalism. The moment I first met Jayne Storey, she had an immediate impact on me. She really is the real deal, and I highly recommend her to anyone who needs a world class speaker, new ideas and renewed focus in their lives and their business”. Philip Calvert, Keynote Speaker on LinkedIn and Social Media

“Jayne was extremely flexible and was happy to tailor her presentation to our organisation’s specific requirements. Her training was powerful and relevant to the varying staff and Police Officers attending and left individuals feeling motivated and inspired to achieve their best”.Chief Inspector Annabel Berry, Hampshire Police Constabulary

My first-ever experience of T’ai Chi was a revelation! Jayne delivered a calm and thorough overview of the art and how it could bring benefits to business executives. She had us practising throughout the session and we all gained an immediate insight into how T’ai Chi could actually help us achieve work-life balance, deal with stress and prepare for pressure situations. I’m hooked – it was an excellent session.”Steve Gilroy, Chief Executive, Vistage CEO Leadership Company

“Today’s business world is tough. And we’re all too busy to see the wood for the trees. But mercifully, every now and again, someone like Jayne Storey comes along. And if you are lucky enough to meet her, you’ll discover that she has a focus and energy that can transform your thinking, your attitude and your life”. Alan Branagh, BCMS, Ireland


“Ancient wisdom like this must be remembered and integrated into our lives and games. As a golf professional with more than 30 years coaching experience, I can confirm that the benefits to be gained from Jayne’s approach are immediate, permanent and far reaching”. Peter Millhouse, Head Coach – La Reserva de Sotogrande

“Jayne Storey’s Chi-Motion GOLF will soon be as fundamental to the game as the grip and set-up“. Michael Wharton-Palmer, 9 times Arkansas State title winner

Using her vast experience as a Tai Chi instructor, Jayne has developed an inventive golf-specific programme that will allow you to bridge that all important gap between the driving range and taking your ‘A’ game to the first tee“. Mark Janes, Director of Instruction – Mark Janes Golf Academy

So it happened…I played in a competition on Saturday and won it! This is the first major competition I have ever won! I shot one over par and won by two shots. I used the Standing Meditation technique on the last five holes when I knew I had a good score. I can’t tell you how happy I am with the way I was able to control my emotions when the pressure was on, not least of all when I birdied the last hole by sinking a 25ft putt with my eyes closed!”  Jeremy, 7hcp – Oxfordshire

“I went round my home course in 80 on Saturday – 11 under my handicap – best ever round! Fantastic Jayne, thank you!” Neil, 20 hcp – Leicestershire 

“Dear Jayne, I was fascinated to learn how your Tai Chi methods and Mr Nicklaus’s philosophy on the game have similar traits.  Thank you again for introducing this new approach to us and for your creative thinking”. Andrew O’Brien, Vice President – Nicklaus Marketing and Communications


“Jayne, I spent some time this morning reading your book ‘Stillness in Motion’. I really like the way you write… The parallels between the ancient forms of practice and what I’ve discovered over the past few decades of endurance sports are amazing. It’s neat to read things I’ve experienced but never had words to describe, articulated so clearly”.  Christopher Bergland, Ultra-Endurance athlete, Guinness World Record Holder for treadmill running and three-time Triple Ironman winner

“Jayne’s “T’ai Chi training has helped me in my mental preparation for races, particularly the big ones. Just before the race, I am able to focus better and control negative thoughts and nervousness. During races, I have found that I am more in control of my thoughts. For example on the last length of the 200m breaststroke at the European Masters Championships when I was neck and neck with my rival, I thought “You have the choice : you can win or not – now is the time to make the decision”. I decided to go for it and won the event (by 4 tenths of a second!). In the past, I would just have been thinking about how much it was hurting! I also think that T’ai Chi has helped my overall physical condition, especially flexibility, balance of the two sides of the body and use of core body strength”. Amanda Heath, World Masters record holder 200m breaststroke

 “The benefits of the mental strength and calmness that Chi-Motion SPORT brings to my tennis is only one of the things Jayne has taught me. She has also shown me how to train more effectively in the gym for the combination of speed and stamina that tennis requires; how to harness my breathing on court; and how to gain more power from the ground through my legs and torque through my waist. As such she is improving my game in a rounded way, building mental and physical strength and presence and the efficiency and effectiveness of my movement around the court. Jayne is always thorough in researching and preparing bespoke training sessions to meet my individual needs and always positive and enthusiastic in her delivery of the sessions. She is a pleasure to work with. Kirstie Caneparo, Suffolk Open Ladies Vets Singles Champion