“Ancient wisdom like this must be remembered and integrated into our lives and games. As a golf professional with more than 30 years coaching experience, I can confirm that the benefits to be gained from Jayne’s approach are immediate, permanent and far reaching”. Peter Millhouse, Head Coach – La Reserva de Sotogrande

“Jayne Storey’s Chi-Motion GOLF will soon be as fundamental to the game as the grip and set-up“. Michael Wharton-Palmer, 9 times Arkansas State title winner

Using her vast experience as a Tai Chi instructor, Jayne has developed an inventive golf-specific programme that will allow you to bridge that all important gap between the driving range and taking your ‘A’ game to the first tee“. Mark Janes, Director of Instruction – Mark Janes Golf Academy

“Dear Jayne, I was fascinated to learn how your Tai Chi methods and Mr Nicklaus’s philosophy on the game have similar traits.  Thank you again for introducing this new approach to us and for your creative thinking”. Andrew O’Brien, Vice President – Nicklaus Marketing and Communications

Learn more about how the great Jack Nicklaus inspired the creation of Jayne’s method with this short video (4′:09″)

“Jayne’s approach has opened up a whole new dimension to the way I can improve my golf. My understanding of correct posture, balance and power is now much more refined and advanced. The positive results have been felt internally with a mental calmness and reflected externally with a run of four Top 5 finishes in my last five tournaments, a consistency which I never had before”. Alex Saary, Head Coach – Golf Coaching Programme, British Olympic Association 

“Thank you for a very interesting and informative day on Sunday. I really think combining the elements and disciples of Tai Chi within golf hugely beneficial and provide a definite ‘missing link’ for improvement within the game”. Nicky Lawrenson, LPGA Coach 

“I have played professional golf for 35 years on all the world’s stages and been fortunate enough to have won five times internationally. Having recently discovered Jayne Storey’s Chi-Motion GOLF method I believe my winning days again are just around the corner. This is powerful stuff for those who commit to put in the practice!” Jeff Hawkes, European Masters Champion

If you are a PGA professional and would like to find out more about Jayne’s courses, please contact Nikki Roden nikki.roden@pga.org.uk for further details and to register your interest.



“Jayne very clearly debunks the myth that top athletes are experiencing ‘adrenaline rush’ when they start to hit the ball further than usual in the heat of competition. In fact, they are in the flow-state of meditation or ‘the zone’. The impact her coaching has had on my game in only a few short weeks is more significant than the last three years of gym work, practice and competing on average five days per week. The benefit which she does not ‘sell’ or push onto you, is that I have gained significant power and accuracy through the combination of breathing and controlling my biomechanics. As someone over 40, to go from 100mph to 105mph in three years of working-out to 112mph only through simple breathing techniques is nothing short of incredible!  John, 4hcp – Hong Kong

“So it happened…I played in a competition on Saturday and won it! This is the first major competition I have ever won! I shot one over par and won by two shots. I used the Standing Meditation technique on the last five holes when I knew I had a good score. I can’t tell you how happy I am with the way I was able to control my emotions when the pressure was on, not least of all when I birdied the last hole by sinking a 25ft putt with my eyes closed!”  Jeremy, 7hcp – Oxfordshire

If you can’t wait to start your Chi-Motion GOLF training, why not download Jayne’s audio programme ‘Deep Practice for Effortless Golf’ – you can play it in the car on the way to the club and at the driving range while warming up! You’re virtually guarateed to play a better game if you do! You’ll get plenty of free bonuses and a personal message from Jayne to encourage you with your practice. 

“Jayne, thank you. I feel I am at last beginning to ‘master’ the breathing and have hit some excellent drives and long irons which are feeling much freer. I am also playing some super pitches off difficult lies with total freedom in medal play”. David, 13hcp – Yorkshire

“Working away according to your instructions I have noted remarkable improvement in ball striking consistency. Secondly, much more enjoyment and less frustration! I think I am getting into a new territory with a calmer mind, reproducible procedures, breathing well, rooted in my feet and swinging round that inner golf ball!” Erik, 24hcp – Oxfordshire

“Jayne, I am delighted to report that the two languid swings prior to striking the ball has worked brilliantly, plus the breathing technique of course. I look forward to becoming the best golfer I can be with your help.” P. O’Hailin, 14hcp – Dublin

“I read your first step about breathing last night then went to bed and practised breath control for about 20 minutes. I took that first step to the golf course this morning and shot an 89, my lowest score in 20 years! It really works – thanks a million!”  Morgan, recreational player – USA


“I went round my home course in 80 on Saturday – 11 under my handicap – best ever round! Fantastic Jayne, thank you!” Neil, 20 hcp – Leicestershire