Tai Chi Wellness


Energize Your Team!

Energy; a non-physical force that contains the potential for activity.


Promoting regular exercise at work can have a dramatic effect on employees’ confidence, energy-levels and self-esteem.

This translates into many positive benefits for the company, not only increasing revenue but developing a stronger, more dynamic, and more engaged workforce.

Employers are now acknowledging the importance of employee health, wellness and job satisfaction, to reduce the estimated 500 million hours of lost productivity per annum, due to illness and stress-related issues. 

Wellness programmes have the potential to dramatically reduce this figure and to increase overall productivity, which can be measured in terms of the attention, energy and time focused towards the successful completion of a task.

One of the world’s most highly regarded forms of exercise for improving health and wellness is Tai Chi, an ancient approach which has been thoroughly researched and verified by conventional medical science.

“Chi” is the Chinese word for Energy. Just 20 minutes a day of Tai Chi in the workplace can improve mental and physical health and increase the overall effectiveness of staff. As a non-competitive activity Tai Chi can be enjoyed by individuals and teams regardless of age or current fitness levels and is the ideal intervention for energizing and enhancing performance at work.

Specific workplace benefits of Tai Chi include:

  • Increased Happiness
  • Lower Stress
  • Higher Productivity
  • Being in Flow
  • Better Decision-Making
  • Enhanced Well-Being

Jayne’s Tai Chi Wellness Programmes are both dynamic and unique. The consistent evolution of her own Tai Chi practice and teaching since 1987 makes her one of the UK’s most highly qualified wellness programme leaders to deliver results for your staff and business alike.

She has presented talks and workshops for many corporations and SMEs including: Avaya, BP, British Gas, Debenhams, GlaxoSmithKline, Honeywell, Huf Haus, National Health Service, Unilever and many others.

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