Tai Chi Wellness

Jayne has pioneered the use of Tai Chi in the world of elite sports. Her unique Chi-Motion methodology helps golfers, tennis-players, swimmers and other individual athletes achieve more fluidity of motion so they can perform better under pressure.

In the business-world, Jayne has presented talks and workshops for many corporations and SMEs including Avaya, BP, British Gas, Debenhams, GlaxoSmithKline, Honeywell, Huf Haus, National Health Service, Unilever and many others.

Jayne’s Tai Chi Wellness Programmes are both dynamic and unique. The consistent evolution of her own Tai Chi practice and teaching since 1987 makes her one of the UK’s most highly qualified wellness programme leaders to deliver results for your staff and business alike.

Stronger and More Engaged Workforce

According to the National Research Institute, organizations having highly effective wellness initiatives record lower levels of voluntary turnover unlike those offering less effective wellness programs.

Employee satisfaction is one of the most prolific benefits a Tai Chi Wellness Programme brings to the workplace.

Participating employees are 70% more satisfied at work and are also less likely to seek new job opportunities within a 12 month period following the programme.

Tai Chi Wellness Programmes have the potential to not only strengthen the employees themselves but also strengthen staff comradeship, improve relationships between individuals and teams and increase overall productivity.

Conventional medical science on the Chinese art of Tai Chi now confirms that just 20 minutes Tai Chi practice a day leads to more vigor and flexibility, better balance and mobility a greater sense of well-being, increased confidence and self-esteem.

Specific employee benefits of Tai Chi include:

  • Increased Happiness
  • Lower Stress
  • Higher Productivity
  • Being in Flow
  • Better Decision-Making
  • Enhanced Well-Being

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