If You Really Want to Achieve Your Potential as a Golfer, You Need Coaching!

If you want to be able to perform under pressure, you need coaching.

If you want to win trophies and tournaments, you need coaching.

If you want to transform your game to Level Three: Effortless Golf, you need coaching.

Research shows a direct correlation between having coaching and achieving your goals.

When you have a goal in mind there is only a small chance you’ll accomplish it.

When you write your goals down your chances of success increases to 39.5%

Working with a coach raises your ability to become an elite player to a massive 76.7%

I know golfers just love statistics, so I hope that one’s registered with you! Let me say it again. If you hire a coach to help you achieve your goals and potential, your chances of success are a whopping  76.7% – that’s amazing!

As far as coaches go, I’m pretty much considered a world leader in the mind~body connection and have all the insight and experience you might need to transform your game, honed over a lifetime’s personal practice and professional development.

I might not be able to answer all your questions about golf swing angles, trajectories, physics and geometry but you’ve probably realized by now that just knowing all that stuff doesn’t help you swing with ease and fluidity when you’re in the middle of a round and the pressure is on!

My coaching and your dedicated practice will literally transform your game. So if you want to stop playing Level One: ‘Search for a Swing’ and Level Two: ‘Hit and Miss’ and start playing Level Three: Effortless Golf please get in touch.

You’ll get a free initial assessment on the phone and a Free Training Report ‘Breathing to Win!’ just for taking the trouble to contact me.