About Jayne Storey


Coming from outside the golf industry, Jayne has a very unique perspective on what it takes to play effortless golf – and believe it or not, it’s not dependent on how much you know about golf swing mechancis!

Her expertise is based on 30 years’ practice and professional coaching in the Eastern arts of Chi Kung (breathing exercises), Tai Chi (a soft-style martial art) and Ch’an (Chinese Zen) Meditation from which she has created an innovative golf-specific training method to help you strengthen your mind~body connection and deliver more effortless golf shots. 

Jayne’s experience is backed up with 17 years independent research and development of her unique Chi-Motion methodology which is now trusted and proven to help golfers reduce mental interference, control anxiety, unite the mind and body and access ‘the zone’ of relaxed concentration conducive to elite performance in competitions, tournments and other high-pressure situations.

Since 2006, Chi-Motion GOLF has been incorporated into the PGA’s CPD programme, being one of a number of innovative methods that currently forms part of the Continuing Professional Development Programme. The method has also been endorsed by the World Golf Teachers’ Federation.

Every now and then someone comes along that makes a difference, seeing things from a fresh perspective, adding new meaning, achieving creativity out of knowledge while bringing inspirational new material to a well-known field. Jayne Storey is such a figurehead. The golfer now has an opportunity for change and improvement in a unique way that also manages the whole person rather than any individual part. I highly recommend you take any and every opportunity to work with Jayne using any of her programmes”.

Peter Hudson, President – World Golf Teachers’ Federation (GB&I)

About Chi-Motion GOLF

The Chi-Motion GOLF method brings you the experience of spontaneous excellence, resulting in the perfection of movement i.e. the effortless golf shot, especially when you need to perform under pressure.

It is achieved through ancient principles and deep practice techniques such as attention training, breathing exercises, applied mindfulness, postural training, awareness, slow motion drills, visualization and more, to help you strengthen your mind~body connection, especially when the pressure is on.

The latest research in both neuroscience and sport-science confirms the benefits of Jayne’s unique approach for achieving ‘the zone’ or flow-state of relaxed concentration, necessary for superior performance in competitions and tournaments.

Jayne was a feature writer for Golf International magazine from 2008 -2014. The editors have now created a new magazine entitled Atlantic Golf, for which Jayne contributes an article each issue. Read Jayne’s piece ‘Attention! Focus Only on the Positives‘ in the digital version of the launch issue (pp 20-21).