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What Do Players Talk About When They Talk About Golf?

When players talk about golf, they’re not always talking about the same thing! 

In fact, there are three distinct levels of the game which may or may not be familiar to you, depending on your current experience.

Level One is the all too familiar game called ‘Search for a Swing’ – enough said!

Level Two is the ever prevalent game of ‘Hit and Miss’ which is as common to the professionals as it is to the amateur; it is marked by a superb round one day and a terrible round the next (sometimes these two extremes are experienced in the very same game).

Level Three, the highest level, is that of Effortless Golf (the perfect shotwhich most golfers have experienced at one time or another) and this level can be achieved again and again by any player willing to devote time to learning my unique Chi-Motion GOLF method of deep, mindful and purposeful practice – which will literally transform your game. 

Meet Jayne

Hi. I’m Jayne Storey, Movement and Performance Coach, helping golfers transform their games.

I am the creator of the unique Chi-Motion GOLF method (Est. 2002), which has been tried, tested and proven to enhance performance during those singular moments in golf, where the smallest margins are all that separate the champion from the runner-up.

We see it time and again on the golf course; the delivery of a winning performance is always about those moments when you need to be free enough to hold your nerve and deliver an effortless golf shot.

I have spent literally decades developing what is now considered ‘the missing link’ in golf performance by providing the definitive formula and training method for playing golf ‘in the zone‘, that elusive state of relaxed concentration which is possible to develop using the ‘deep practice’ exercises I’ve honed over my many years of experience, so you can play effortless golf in competition or performance.

My clients range from recreational and committed amateurs to the professionals on tour, and the one thing they have in common is the instinct to compete and to win. By following my training method they have achieved outstanding results in terms of smashing course records, winning trophies and tournaments, and elevating their experience of the perfect golf shot, all with the help of some ancient principles, some very simple ‘deep practice’ techniques and easy to apply methods.

My services include personal tuition programmes, Skype coaching, workshops and live events.

Online training courses are also available; download my three lesson audio programme ‘Deep Practice for Effortless Golf’ and get free bonus material including my e-Book ‘Stand Like a Mountain, Move Like a River’ plus free worksheets and training reports!  Read Testimonials

Transform Your Golf Game

I’ve worked with and interviewed literally hundreds of golfers from tour pros to the committed amateur and every single player without fail has recalled that when they “hit it pure” they are in a state of relaxed concentration, not trying too hard and not thinking too much. They all describe this experience as effortless.

From my independent research since 2002 I have identified the key components of this experience (often called ‘the zone’ or flow) and have developed a simple, proven and trusted training method to help you recreate these same conditions in the moments before you hit the ball and throughout the shot, so your ball-striking will be fluid, powerful, effortless and precise. The method is especially useful when performing under pressure in competitions and tournaments.

For a FREE introductory phone assessment, please send me a direct message or ring UK mobile +44 (0) 7986 447 250 – I only work with serious golfers who are committed to do the practice necessary to transform their game and perform at the highest level. If this is you, please get in touch! You’ll get a Free Training Report just for taking the trouble to contact me.